Consultation and Screening

Dr. Prizinski can be consulted for physical therapy. PhysioGreen Physical Therapy is a cash based out patient service and covers the entire moving person, not only the location of "pain," (ex: shoulder or hip). Symptoms manifest into defined areas but we do not treat "symptoms" we treat the cause. To arrive at treating the cause requires an entire Movement Screen to determine how your body is protecting and compensating certain movements resulting in inhibited patterns of movement. 

Followup Treatment

Performance Screen & Treatment

  • PhysioGreen is Currently a Cash Based Service
  • Consultation & Screening                     $120
  • Follow-up Treatment

​                       $70

  • Performance Screen

​​                       $150 (Follow-up $70)

You can expect a reassessment to begin each followup session. This will allow you to learn more about your body and what still requires your focus and attention with the home program. Dr. Prizinski will use various forms of inputs from mobilization, dry needling, kinesiotape, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, even WORDS... Education is the underpinning of each session. The more you learn about yourself, the more you can help yourself move better. Move Green... Move Natural...

Consult Gets Me...

A PhysioGreen Performance Screen is unique in that it still adheres to the same philosophy to perform a full Biomechanical Screen for regionally interdependent variables that may be resulting in pain due to repetitive activities or power generating movements. However, this service also includes Dr. Prizinski also spending time observing you during a workout and review of your coaching plan (if provided). This Performance Screen will completely analyze efficiency and recruitment of how well you fight gravity for your specific sport or activity. The goal of the performance screen is to increase your physical demand by locating "weak links" and improving those links for efficient total body movement. "Your only as good as your weakest link."



  • A total body movement screen
  • A Movement Diagnosis to base a plan of care
  • Explanation of Pathoanatomic symptoms
  • Description of Functional Limitations
  • Explanation of the unique Etiological Variables that caused the current movement problem
  • Education 
  • ​A detailed plan to change the way you move