Our Vision 

The vision of PhysioGreen is to promote the highest level of physical therapy consultation and treatment to the consumer to enhance the living experience. This involves solving movement-based problems in a scientific manner and allowing our patients natural desire to move, express, and function to be the focus. 


Our Mission


The name PhysioGreen embraces  GREEN!  The color Green has been associated with health, healing, and wellness since  early recorded history. In fact, recent research suggests simply looking at the color Green makes you more creative! So at PhysioGreen, we embody Green to solve movement problems in a creative manner! Movement should always be viewed as a creative expression based on a persons goals and intention for movement. It is our job to utilize art and science to creatively find ways movement heals...

Our mission is first to be an educator of consumers and other healthcare providers to solve movement based problems in a comprehensive manner to enhance the living experience. Each consultation involves medical screening for appropriateness of physical therapy or referral to a specialist/physician. A movement diagnosis will always direct a plan of care using the best available scientific evidence and skills to ensure performance/functional outcomes are achieved. PhysioGreen maintains that movement is a natural part of life and learning what a patient’s goals and intentions are should be the absolute focus of any treatment approach.